Open Top Container

An open-top container is a practical and versatile waste management solution characterized by its accessible design. The open design facilitates convenient waste disposal and allows efficient loading and unloading of items. Open-Top bins prove to be essential tools in maintaining cleanliness and order in diverse environments, offering a straightforward yet effective solution for managing larger volumes of waste.

Residential Bulky Waste

Residential / Town Council Bulky Waste disposal

With Transco-PAC ‘s expertise, we help to elevate your living space with seamless waste disposal.

Our Open-top containers are delivered to the premises for the hassle-free disposal of bulky items such as furniture, large appliances, and more. Simply schedule a convenient collection time, and we’ll expertly sort, dispose, and recycle the waste for you.

Industrial/Commercial Waste

We proudly serve a spectrum of industries including 

Warehouses, Mega Malls, Schools, Commercial Buildings, Facilities Management Agencies, Manufacturing Plant, Government agencies and many more

Our tailored solutions cater to the unique needs of each sector, ensuring sustainable waste management across diverse fields.